Staying safe online can seem like a daunting task, but it is not impossible. Many issues arise from people not understanding what it is they are doing, so being informed can help. Below is a small list of ways you can keep malware, viruses, and other issues from infecting your computer, and ultimately your life.

  • Never open an email attachment from an unknown recipient.
  • Never give personal information to any website you do not plan to do business with.
  • Never use your real name as an id on a recreational website, such as dating sites and game sites.
  • Be selective of the information you give to a website, especially images.
  • Always keep any antivirus and malware software updated.
  • Clear all your computer activity at the end of your session using software such as CCleaner, even if you were not online.
  • Never pay bills, login to a website, or give out personal information from a public wi-fi connection.